Convert .chm to .pdf file in Linux/Unbuntu

1) From the Synaptic Package Manager, select and apply the following packages:

* libchm
* libchm-bin
* libchm-dev
* python-chm
* chm2pdf
* html-doc
* htmldoc-common

2) To use the newly installed application, from the terminal:

$ htmldoc

When the HTMLDOC application opens from the "Input" tab, specify the type of document then click "add file" to add the file that needs to be converted.  From the "output" tab, specify the followings:

* Output To: where the output is going to be placed in a file or a directory
* Output Path: the path of the file going to be, i.e. home/Desktop/folder or home/Desktop/filename.filetype.
* Output Format: select file type, i.e. html, .ps, or .pdf.

Then click "Generate."


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