Installing Adobe Reader in Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Although Ubuntu / Linux Mint comes with GNOME Document Viewer that can open any .pdf files; however, I am a creature of habit and using Adobe Reader is one of my many weaknesses.  So off I went to and downloaded the file.  Soon thereafter, I realized that the downloaded file was a .bin file as opposed to a .zip or maybe a .deb file. Bummer!  Well, now I have to figure out what to do with this .bin file!

First of all, in Linux, the /opt folder is used for any add-on applications; thus, we know that Adobe will need to be installed in /opt folder.  Next, we need copy the installation file to /opt folder.

$ sudo su
# cd 
# cd / home/jessicarabbit/download
download# cp AdbeRdr9.4-1_i486linux_enu.bin /opt
download# cd /oAdbeRdr9.4-1_i486linux_enu /opt

The following commands will install Adobe Reader in .opt folder.

opt# ./AdbeRdr9.4-1_i486linux_enu.bin
Extracting files, please wait. (This may take awhile depending on the configuration of your machine.)
This installation requires 145M of free disk space.
Enter installation directory for Adobe Reader 9.4 [/opt]
Installing platform independent files...Done
Installing platform dependent files...Done
Setting up libraries...Done
Setting up desktop and menu icons...Done
Setting up the browser plugin...Done

That's it; you're done installing Adobe Reader!


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