Image Optimizer

Have you ever caught yourself tapping your fingers (or feet) impatiently waiting for a webpage to load?  Whether you need to display an image online or storing it somewhere, optimizing image(s) is an absolute must.  After all, no one has time to wait around and storage isn't really free.  (Nothing is free in a grand scheme of things, your mother probably told you that.)  

I have been using this utility for awhile and yes, it has been my favorite since. Why? The Image Optimizer was the first utility I stumbled upon and it has been serving me well.  Thus, there is no need to switch.  However, I am quite certain there are many of these utilities out there designed and catered to your very own preferences; you just have to find them.

With the Image Optimizer, the table above shows the actual result of an image I optimized earlier.  Note the optimized image is about 6% of its original size with comparable quality (I don't have the pictures here but take my word for it.)  Thus, it would be insane not to optimize your image(s)!  

This utility is written for Windows, you can visit their website and download the file for it.  However, if you are Linux user like me, you can use the online tool.  Either way, the utility is made available for everyone.


Andrew Smith said...

what does it mean by optimizing image? does it pertain to image size? quality? file size?

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